Leukaemia Survey

Leukaemia CARE

Patient Survey

This questionnaire is about your care and treatment for a blood cancer. Its purpose is to provide information, which can help the NHS and the Leukaemia CARE monitor and improve the quality of health services for future patients with blood cancer.

Completing the questionnaire

For each question please tick the box that is closest to your views. Donít worry if you make a mistake; simply untick the box by clicking on it again and put a tick in the correct box.

If you would like to fill out the questionnaire in another language phone the FREEPHONE survey helpline:

0800 783 1775


To make sure the information we collate is useful, we need to collect some personal details from you and access information held about you in other NHS databases. The purpose of collecting this information is to generate aggregated statistics about the care and treatment people receive. These statistics will be used to compare the differences in care and treatment by different providers and to understand what may be causing these. The results will be used to measure and improve the quality of healthcare services.

By completing this questionnaire you are giving your consent for the information provided to be used for the above purposes.

Specifically, you are agreeing that:

  • Your personal details and relevant health information can be held and used by an organisation contracted to Leukaemia CARE to analyse the data
  • Your personal information will be handled securely and anonymised after analysis and before any publication
  • Your personal information will not be released by anyone working on behalf of Leukaemia CARE unless required by law or where there is a clear overriding public interest
  • You can withdraw the information you give Leukaemia CARE in this questionnaire upon request, up to the point at which data are analysed and personal details removed
  • If you have any queries about this information or the questionnaire please call the FREEPHONE survey helpline on 0800 783 1775 and we will be pleased to help you.